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Capture Every Moment

Every moment tells a story – capture them all with RPB Live!, a new way to engage and share photos.

Spontaneity. Wherever. Whenever.

Never feel like you missed a moment of your special day with RPB Live! With our app you can experience your event through the eyes of each of your guests. With RPB Live! there’s always a photographer in the room to make sure you capture every unscripted moment before, during and after your event.

How It Works

Download :)

Begin by downloading the RPB Live! app for Android or iOS to your smartphone. Once you reserve your event you will receive your personalized event code and app assigned for the requested time frame.


Your app can be personalized with logos, #hashtags, photo overlays, and more. The RPB Live! staff will ensure your app fits your specific needs to match your desired look and feel.


Share your event code with all of your guests. An instructional video will show them how to participate so that everyone is ready to start capturing those special moments in the 24-hour period before, during, and after your event. Your guests will be able to share their photos to social media with customized tags and to the event gallery within the app.


Some packages offer the option to include a print station on site. Your guests will be able to select images they want to take with them, have them printed, and pick them up at the event.

On-site Print Station

Want a lab quality 4×6 print of your photo to take home with you? You and your guests can have the option to select and print, directly from your phone, to an onsite print station. This option is not yet available nationwide so please contact us for details.

Ultra-High Definition

State-of-the-art cameras in today’s smartphones are capable of capturing high definition images. With RPB Live! you put the camera in the hands of your guests through their smartphones, providing you with unlimited perspectives and ensuring you never miss a moment.

RPB Live! can be used for any occasion

Weddings Family Reunions Retreats Church Events Conventions Conferences Sporting Events & More!

Social Media Ready

Since your event can be set up with personalized #hashtags and messages, sharing your photos to social media becomes seamless and intuitive. We know you want to share your moments as they happen. With this feature, you won’t waste any time bouncing around between apps and can get back to the party without skipping a beat.

Other Features

  • Real time slide show - We will provide you a dedicated slide show web address for your event. Access this link from any device with a web browser and you have an instant real-time slideshow.

  • Green Screen Photography - RPB Live! includes the option to add a green screen background to your package. Your guests will take their photo in front of a green screen background with lighting provided by RPB. Guests can choose from multiple backgrounds directly from their phone. This option comes with RPB staff on site to manage the print station and assist your guests. This option is currently limited to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but will be available nationwide in the near future. Please contact us for more details.

  • Onsite print options - let your guests print 4x6 lab quality photos directly from their phone to a print station on site. This option comes with RPB staff on site to manage the print station and assist your guests. This option is currently limited to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but will be available nationwide in the near future. Please contact us for more details.

  • Download link and online album - Post event, we will provide you a download link to download all your photos. We can also host them online for you free of charge.

  • Custom overlays - create your own overlay for your photos



  • Free App Download
  • App Personalized for your event
  • Custom link for real-time slideshow*
  • Personalized event code assigned early
  • Unlimited photos
  • Download link to access all shared photos
  • Personalized link for real-time slideshow
  • Customized social media sharing options
  • Built in #hashtag specific to your event
  • Guests can view and enjoy all photos shared at the event — right from their mobile device

2017 Introductory Price!



  • Everything included in the All-Inclusive Digital Package
  • Onsite printing directly from guest phones / devices
  • Staff on site with print station
  • Multiple 4x6 photo print options
Contact us for custom pricing for your event!


  • Everything included in the Digital Plus On-site Printing Package`
  • Green Screen setup with lighting`
Contact us for custom pricing for your event!
*Onsite printing and Green screen packages are currently only available in DFW, TX.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve come this far, all you have to do now is head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Red Photos Booths Live! today!